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Migrating your mobile site to Django

Overview This guide covers how I ported the static ZSR library mobile site to Django. It covers at a very high level the various elements of Django but does not give step-by-step directions. Before taking on a project like this … Continue reading

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Creating a mobile site using jQtouch, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Overview This guide covers how to create a simple mobile-phone site using basic web-publishing tools. The guide assumes some basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), but does not get so complex that in-depth knowledge of these … Continue reading

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Experiments with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a mobile development platform

One of the elements of our iPad research this summer was the exploration of development platforms for mobile devices. Earlier in the year I had completed a fun little RSS viewer using Dashcode. As exciting as this was I was … Continue reading

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