Using ViewShare to teach information organization skills

At the DLF forum in Baltimore, MD last year I had the opportunity to speak with Trevor Owens from the Library of Congress about a new tool called ViewShare. ViewShare is a new type of digital library platform that features data importing, publication and visualization tools and seemed to be the perfect platform for a project in my course “Information Organization” at the University of Maryland.

Creating a digital library in ViewShare includes metadata modeling, data encoding rules, metadata interoperability and harvesting concepts (e.g. OAI-PMH) and turned out to be a good platform to get students to work with the concepts we touched on throughout the semester. A small scale project involving ViewShare was pretty successful in the spring.

I decided to re-work the experience for the Fall 2012 semester and expand on the data visualization functions of ViewShare, particularly as they relate to the design and implementation of cataloging processes. In preparation for the semester I created a worksheet to help guide the class through ViewShare (based largely on ViewShare tutorials)

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Google powersearching!

As the summer has gotten well underway I have been working on getting ready for the fall and spending time exploring some new teaching ideas. I ran across the Google power searching class the other day and the librarian in me couldn’t resist finding out more about our favorite search engine.

The first lesson focuses on searching strategies and does a really nice job of integrating video instruction and hands on activities.

I was wondering how ‘advanced’ this class 1 would get when they introduced the idea of scoped searches using special tags (e.g., #hashtag, Google+).

At ALA last month I spent a few minutes in a literacy discussion where librarians were lamenting the fact that many of their patrons did not understand “find in page” functions such as Command-F/Ctrl-F. I was impressed to see that Google dedicated 7 minutes to this topic!

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Exploring the landscape of cloud computing – Webex

Today I had the pleasure of talking with a class on cloud computing run by Infopeople and coordinated by Roy Tennant. This was the first chance I have had to share the results of some of my research in cloud computing and chat with librarians about how they are using cloud computing.

Cloud computing adoption in libraries

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Mith Digital Dialoges – Peter Kay on the book

Today’s Digital Dialog featured Peter Kay who talked about the current state of the book/e-book and how discovery, social media and new forms of reading are changing how we read.

A few interesting moments – SmallDemons as an alternative discovery layer to traditional online booksellers, “we need to understand the bookiness of books, the music industry failed to see the musicness of music”, the emergence of the book app, and “Its important for authors to encouter that digital dark night of the soul” and get off twitter.

The session was tweeted by some folks in the session and Peter has a personal site.

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Jeremy York – Guest Lecturer from HathiTrust

On Monday night our LBSC670 course heard from Jeremy York of the HathiTrust. Jeremy gave the class an overview of the HathiTrust dataset and metadata standards and explored with us the implications of metadata standards choices.

The theme of copyright issues and restrictions weaved itself through the Question & Answer session and it was interesting to hear more about when access to digital text is triggered. Part of the conversation was grounded in differentiating the how copyright impacts preservation and access issues. Many thanks to Jeremy for taking time to meet with the class!

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