LBSC670 Organization of Information – Fall 2011

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Organization of Information – LBSC 670 – Fall 2011
Erik Mitchell
School of Information Studies
University of Maryland –

This course is generously supported by Amazon under their education resources grant program.


Organizing Information (LBSC 670) explores the issues surrounding the creation, distribution and use of information objects and representations of those objects. In this course, we will explore both the theoretical and technical issues surrounding information organization. Our exploration of theoretical issues will center on understanding organization structures, uses and implications for information systems.

Our exploration of the technical issues surrounding information organization will delve into the fields of information and computer science and will involve work with a wide range of information technology systems. During this process we will learn about representation of information using metadata schemas, encoding of these structures using XML and database technologies and storage, discovery and presentation of these records using server-class information storage and retrieval systems.

Because the realm of information with which we are concerned is largely represented on the web we will also explore what theoretical and technical issues arise when we discuss the use of information organization structures in cloud environments. As part of this process we will leverage cloud platforms to deploy an information retrieval system, consider the technical and theoretical implications of system selection and think about the role of information organization in digital environments.

The capstone of this experience will be the use of the Amazon EC2 platform to develop and deploy an information retrieval system for XML based records. This will involve the use of small Amazon EC2 servers, the development of skills with the Linux operating system and the development of a level of familiarity with running server-based information systems.

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Guest Speakers

  • Carolyn McCallum – Wake Forest University
  • Jenny Kneis and Thomas Whitaker – University of Maryland
  • John Wilkin – HathiTrust
  • Roy Tennant – OCLC
  • Q. Ethan McCallum – Information Technology Consultant
  • Jeffery Loo – UC Berkeley

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