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Metadata Standards and Web Services in Libraries, Archives and Museums

The worksheets and sample coursepacket linked to on this page are intended to serve as companion materials to the book Metadata Standards and Web Services in Libraries, Archives and Museums. The text, the active learning worksheets and the course design … Continue reading

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Introduction to data management principles and tools

On November 19th I have the pleasure of joining Jeffery Loo in giving a workshop on data management principles and tools at the D-Lab at UC Berkeley. The workshop included a handout that includes a link to the UC Berkeley … Continue reading

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Some testing notes on Google’s power searching course platform

In the summer of 2012 Google held an online instruction course called Google power searching. The course was developed using an interactive platform that featured text, video and skill-check questions. It also featured cumulative tests and time released activities. Google … Continue reading

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ASIS&T in hurricane sandy

This past week I spent a few days in Baltimore during Hurricane Sandy the ASIS&T 2012 conference. Other than some driving rain, a curfew during the second day of the conference and a few sandbags here and there the conference … Continue reading

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Google powersearching!

As the summer has gotten well underway I have been working on getting ready for the fall and spending time exploring some new teaching ideas. I ran across the Google power searching class the other day and the librarian in … Continue reading

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