Roy Tennant Guest Lecture for LBSC 670

This past Monday I had the pleasure of having Roy Tennant join my course on Information Organization (LBSC 670) for a discussion on the direction of metadata creation, management and use for libraries. This virtual lecture was my first experience with the Wimba platform (which worked pretty well) and we were able to include a similar course from the Catholic University of American LIS program.

Roy took a few minutes to discuss some of the research tools at OCLC Research and discussed some findings about the frequency of MARC tag usage from their analysis of the OCLC database. His talk referenced a published report from last year on the topic. The screen shot from the talk about highlights one graph from this talk. Of note is the yellow bubble on the left side of the graph which shows the use rates of different “identifier” fields (e.g. 024, 035, etc).

Many thanks to Roy for taking time out of his schedule to chat with my class!

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