Running the ZSR Vufind application server


This tutorial covers how to launch, customize, test, and deploy the Vufind application server currently hosted on Amazon EC2. The server is running Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit) and has been configured to run as a local test server. This tutorial includes creating an Amazon EC2 account, launching your instance, connecting to your instance, setting security permissions, launching Vufind, and guides you on where to go from there.

This is a beta service of the ZSR library. More machine images running standard open source library software is coming.

Register with Amazon

To register with Amazon and get started, check out the tutorials on registration and the free amazon services provided from November 1, 2010.

Launch your instance

To Launch your instance, first login to Amazon EC2 then:

  1. Click on Launch instance
  2. Go to the Community AMI page and search for Libraryapplications
  3. Select the Vufind instance
  4. You can select most of the defaults on the next few screens. Make sure you choose a keypair to use to connect to the box and setup a security group that allows port 80 (http) and port 22 (ssh) access to your machine
  5. Launch your instance and connect to it!
  6. If you want the full 5 minute tutorial, check out the video:

Connect & Secure

First you need to ssh to your new server. If you are using Mac or linux, get your connection information from your Amazon web console (EC2), launch your favorite terminal application and paste the connection string in. You will have to replace the user root with the user ubuntu to login. If you are using windows you will need to transform your key file. A good tutorial is available here.

Once you have connected, you should check out your server firewall. See the tutorial on securing your server using firewall rules on the server.

Finally, read the README file in the ubuntu home directory. It contains information about starting & stopping vufind, passwords you should change and other things to try.

Running Vufind

Vufind is pretty easy to run. There are three main processes with vufind: 1) starting, 2) stopping and 3)loading records.

  1. To start vufind: in /usr/local/vufind type in ./ start
  2. To stop vufind: in /usr/local/vufind type in ./ stop

To load records:

  1. First, get some records on your server using fstp
  2. Second, go to /usr/local/vufind and issue the command ./ fileofrecords
  3. This will import records into vufind. You can access them by hitting your web-browser and going to your amazon ec2 box.

Customizing Vufind

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