Code4Lib10 tuesday notes

  • Cross listing print & electronic stuff – Use WC search api to see if lib ha print version & link it to the full record of ebook
  • Item availability localization – Take zip code, OCLC number, bring up a google map, link to library catalog
  • Bring Journal TOC to feed to MARC record – XISSN to see if feed of recent content is available
  • Peer Review indicator – Use data from XISSN to add peer reviewed data to appropriate screens
  • Information about Authors – Use Worldcat Identities, wikipedia API to get author information, link together
  • linking to free full text – use XOCLCNum to check for free full text from OCA, Hathi Trust, etc
  • Similar items – Use dewey decimal classification, WC search api to retrieve similar items
  • Bonus – build a mobile catalog – use WorldCat Search api to get to your library catalog data, build in images from open library, ratings from librarything
  • links –,

Extensible catalog – Jennifer Bowen

The afternoon started off with an overview of the eXtensible Catalog. They have developed a suite of tools including user interface, metadata, and connectivity (NCIP, OAI) to serve as a holistic replacement for discovery & management services. XC includes frbrized metadata, “why you got that record” in the index display, works as a drupal module, includes some nice complex staff metadata management tools so that staff have flexibility in defining how the metadata is displayed. The toolkit (Bowen indicated that there were lots) allow you to automate data loading and processing! It appears that right now XC is still in a semi-release phase but all software is available.

Conference fatigue has set in – The rest of the sessions are discussed in abstract here

Ok, I take it back. Jeff Sherwood talked about using Levenshtein string distance as a method for matching records using a mathematical algorithm – very neat. They also usd the Jaro-Winler algorithm for string comparison. code is at,, secondstring for Java, MARCXimiL – a MARC deduplication package,

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